Mi Familia is a family owned childcare center in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota that was first opened in 2013. We are an equal opportunity employer and a center that strives to provide quality care to all children of diverse backgrounds.

We provide care to the whole child. Intellectual, physical, and spiritual well-being. We pride ourselves on raising children who are self confident, driven, and ready to take on the steps toward their education.


We work hard on teaching them prosocial behaviors and being empathetic. When you become a part of Mi Familia, you really are becoming a part of the family.

Mi Familia Care is open Monday-Friday from 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM. We provide childcare for children 30 months-12 years old. We participate in the food program through Providers Choice, so we are able to offer breakfast, lunch and a snack.

About Us

We are rated 4/4 stars by Parent Aware Minnesota!

Spanish Classes

At Mi Familia Care, we believe in incorporating the Spanish Language into our daily schedule. We believe teaching a child to be bilingual at a young age to benefit them in the future. Studies show that being bilingual has many cognitive benefits. According to research, speaking a second language can mean that you have a better attention span and can multi-task better than monolinguals. This is because being bilingual means you are constantly switching from one language to the other. It can also give your child an educational advantage.

At Mi Familia Care not only do we prepare the child for further education, we also focus on helping the child accept their individuality by embracing who they are and educating them on their self worth. 


Child Empowerment Classes

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